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We Are Free

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We Are Free My first short film as a first year IMT student at HKU.
Written, shot, directed & edited by Shannon Kanhai
Cast: Merel Otto & Eileen kayser
Music: Dimlite - Roo (A dedication)
Voice-over: Jess abran

Voice-over was written by me:
Have you ever wonderd why you are, who you are
Why you are you, and why you're not the other?
What if it's that, that differs us from others?
Are we really that different? Who are we?

I have thought about this a lot and I think I've found the anwser
Just like most of us I was stuck in this box
Tthis box of my identity
This prison of EGO
I thought that I was better than most, prettier, richer
I was competing with others
Constantly judging myself and therefore judging others
And so hell became the other

But what if there were no others?
Do we create others by believing we're different?
By believing that we're the ones behind the mirror?
What if I was alone?

What if we were all the same?
What if we're not our identity, not our body
There would be no competition, no judgment
Because we are all one
What if I could destroy my ego
Break free of my identity
Look it deep in the eye
And abandon it completely
There would be no problems, no competition, no judgement
Because the ego is what creates this seperation
I would finally be free
Free of thoughts
Free of problems
Free of everything

We all have the possiblity of freedom
Not freedom of choice or political freedom
But freedom within ourselves

And that's exactly what the highest purpose of this life is
We have to awaken to the truth of who we are
We have to find that freedom within ourselves

It's what we are